Sunday, 11 September 2011

Oh Hello! I thought I'd treat my self to a nice little magazine (no more than a fiver though because I'm skint!) I saw this delicious looking thing with a vagina on the cover hid behind a butterfly sticker, and nothing gets my attention like a vagina (Joke!) It was the the Damien Hirst underneath the puss puss that made me pick it up! This magazine is the fooking shizzle. 

Just underneath this beauty was Purple Magazine and I was so tempted to get it but at £18 I just couldn't do it, so I at £8.50 I opted for GARAGE (still over what I was planning on spending, but I felt less guilty that it was less than half of purple). Anyway the magazine is from the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture in Moscow and its pretty special just look at it!!!!!!


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