Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Oh hey hunni's!, Ive been going cray cray for crime novels!!!!
The cheesier the better. It started on the beach in Hurgada, Eygpt. Relaxing on the sunloungers with a creepy cocktail (seriously i get you’re all religious and alcohol is the devil but if you’re going to serve what look like delish drinkies on tap learn how to mix them mofo.)…

Anyway, relaxing with my barcardi/rum/gin/vodka sunrise i got stuck into ‘L.A Requiem- a robert cole novel’ by Robert Crais.
Glllllloooorious!!!! And now im addicted. The blood, the gore, the guts and the tank tops. love Elvis Cole, lisbeth salander, rebus, kate brannigan etc etc etc etc etc…love them alllllll.

However the mistake i made was to try out a Patricia (cornhole) Cornwell - Dr. Kay scarpetta novelo….What a pile of trashorama. Dr scarpittabread is a slut. A big wussy slut. I read “the body farm” , wow this doctor is a boooring ho!

So lesson learned, i’ll be sticking with elvis cole from now on.

Bye hunni’s!!!

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