Monday, 31 October 2011

My new favourite show is Ace of Cakes- set in Baltimore bakery Charm City Cakes it revolves around head chef Duff Goldman and his team of cake makers. I cannot get enough of this shiz! The cakes they make are insane! day disaster struck I tuned in for Ace of Cakes to find something else invading my screen. DC Cupcakes is all about sisters Sophie and Catherine who have opened a cupcake shop in Georgetown. The episode I watched they made a giant red stiletto out of 14,000 cupcakes for the Drag Race, so needless to say I'll probably watch it again.


Even Patrick Cox has jumped on the confectionary bandwagon with his sexy new cupcake shop Cox's Cookies and Cakes in Soho.

Its just a shame I'll end up looking like this if I keep up this obsession.

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